A Glimpse into Our Past Events

At District 9, we're proud of our history of hosting exceptional events that leave lasting memories.

The Bush Hall District 3

This pop up event was the mark of our one year anniversary for District 9's official first event. And what better way than to take it back to where it all started...

SM4 LookBook

The Leake Street District

For our third event, we had a valentine’s day special which was thankfully sponsored by Tilt.

SM3 LookBook

The Bush Hall District 2

After the immense success of the first event, we decided to run it back in the same location

SM2 LookBook

The Bush Hall District

The start of a new story. We began our journey at Bush Hall with the whole day experience concept. We wanted to ensure the vibes were flowing throughout with the best upcoming brands and artists to make the day.

SM1 LookBook